Matrix To MMS-Over-Email Bridge: Step 1 — MMS Over Email

Getting MMS working over email was exceedingly easy because all of the work was already done for me; I just used my phone provider’s email gateway. There were a few hiccups, though:

To get around the problem, I just use smirkingface to send messages and ~team to receive messages.

Sending via smirkingface

The only things I needed to do to get this working were setting up Postfix in relay mode (which is very well-documented in a guide on Fedora Magazine) and creating a system user to send the mail. After that, I was able to text myself by emailing to 5555551234@gateway.example, which appeared on my phone with a sender address of “matrix@smirkingface.redacted-domain.example”.

Receiving via ~team

To get this working, all I needed to do was tell my DNS provider to forward emails addressed to matrix@smirkingface.redacted-domain.example to my ~team address instead. Then I can just set up a sieve script to filter out all the other emails to my ~team address.