2023-W27: Mew151

This week’s Cool Capsule is Mew151, available at gemini://text.mew151.net.

Why it’s cool

Mew151 has a series of artistic posts titled “Antimoon”, a collection of articles titled “Cyberspace” which are “dedicated to the World Wide Web, programming, and other techy things”, a gemlog, and “Natalie’s Accordion Corner” — a section of the capsule dedicated to accordions, which can even boast its own “Squeeze Blog”. I can hardly wait until after I finish writing this post before reading all of it.

Mew151 is also the Gemini capsule of an interesting website. That may seem like something that shouldn’t qualify for the CCOW, but it actually does speak to Gemini’s strengths.¹

The Mew151 website is “lived in”, as Natalie would say,² and seemingly extremely reflective of her personality. It has web badges, webrings, an old-Windows–themed UI, GIFs, and JavaScript. The Mew151 Gemini Capsule, on the other hand, does not have that. It still has almost all of the content that the website has, but in a style-nonspecific, text-centric format. This is one of the things Gemini does best, and as Natalie correctly points out in her About page,³ dual hosting allows for the best of both worlds.

This, and the above collection of interesting content, makes Mew151 this week’s Cool Capsule.

Collaborative Directory Of Geminispace location




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