2023-W30: D Moonfire

This week’s Cool Capsule is D Moonfire, available at gemini://d.moonfire.us.

Why it’s cool

D Moonfire is organized in such a way that you can actually explore it. Its index isn’t a large list of everything on the capsule. Instead, it has links to some recent gemlog posts, short excerpts describing some locations with links scattered throughout, and a footer that appears on every page with links to even more locations. Because of this, it can be easy to lose your bearing after exploring and not know whether you’re reading the end of a random page, Dylan Moonfire’s gemlog, his biography, or the index. Surprisingly, this isn’t really a problem because you can always just go the the parent directory, the capsule index, or use one of the links in the footer to get around.

Besides not being a problem, this can actually be fun. D Moonfire is full of generally interesting content, and the bespoke hierarchy can lead you to discovering something different that you thought you’d already seen.

I mean, there’s a capsule-wide bibliography for Pete’s sake!

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